Reed Bed Refurbishment

Reed Bed Refurbishment

NWS refurbish reed beds by removing the stone, washing it and then replacing the stone back into the reed beds.

Reed beds, although very reliable, can accumulate solids both on top of the gravel media and within the stone matrix.

As the solids accumulate in this manner the process effectiveness of the reed bed reduces until the system is in danger of shedding solids and risking discharge consent failures.

Using final effluent to wash the stone NWS can clean and regrade the stone ensuring that the system is brought back up to its original process performance level.

All sizes and types of constructed wetland can be refurbished. NWS is fully equipped to deal with all aspects of the refurbishment process. This includes excavation, media washing and wash water provision and recycling.

In addition to the refurbishment NWS provides temporary treatment of the effluent that would normally be treated by the wetland. This treatment can be a variety of types such as SAF units and tertiary solids filters.


  • Low cost compared to a new system
  • Low Environmental impact
  • Phased implementation for plant continuity